Get creative and explore new tricks

flipoflip® is super fun, challenging, and captivating to explore new and exciting motions. It provides an oddly satisfying and rewarding feeling to succeed in a new trick, plus it is a great way to train coordination. Check out a few of our favorite tricks below!

1. Stop in between the motion - a trick that requires perfect timing and reaction. You can catch the flipoflip® in the vertical position using your finger or palm.

2. Throw it in the air - this trick requires quick hand movement because you need to get below the flipoflip® to be able to throw it up.

3. Reverse the flip - catch it in the perfect timing and give it a tip in a reverse direction. The most important thing here is the correct power of the reverse push. 

4. Spin it - you can spin flipoflip® vertically or horizontally. The vertical spin is only doable with the Quad version (at least so far we haven't managed to do it with the Hexo). Precise finger position when launching is the key to a successful spin.  

Create Competitions

Launch multiple flipoflip's at the same time and see who got it faster! You can use a slightly angled surface to flip it for an extra-long distance. Simply elevate one side of a desk or any other flat surface and let the flipoflip® roll all the way down.